Will 3D models be the technology to help fashion overcome stun COVID-19?

Not only does the fashion week digitize through video and livestream, another solution that is being proposed for designers is 3D technology.

Because of the corona flu, brands have difficulty taking photos of look books, launching new collections; as well as difficult to invite customers to admire the product on site. A suggested alternative solution is 3D technology. The Russian Fashion Association has been quick to apply these technologies to its new fashion project, Global Talents Digital.

How is 3D technology displayed in fashion?

For a long time, community games such as The Sims or Animal Crossing have quickly integrated high-end fashion models, as a way to excite users. In particular, on the occasion of the social gap due to the corona flu, a series of brands have aggressively designed "virtual" versions of their nail products for these games.

Telfar handbags are redesigned for the real game The Sims. Photo: Instagram @badddiesims__

The virtual designs of Jean Paul Gaultier (left) and Jacquemus (right) are as detailed as the real model. Photo: Instagram @idsims / @killerqwin

A Fendi figure goes to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibition in Animal Crossing. Photo: Instagram @AnimalCrossingFashionArchive

In addition, it is impossible not to mention her 3D model Miquela. The nose, freckles cheeks, smiley eyes are the result of superior imaging technology. Miquela is a true fashionista, with an Instagram account of up to 2.4 million followers.

3D model Miquela "attended" Givenchy Autumn-Winter show 2020. Photo: Instagram @lilmiquela

It can be seen that 3D imaging technology has reached a new level. Why not use it for real fashion, but limited to games or social networks? These technologies are appropriate in this day and age when we have the limited coronary flu epidemic.

The project combines virtual reality technology from the Russian Fashion Association

The Russian Fashion Council quickly came up with ideas based on these new technologies. On June 10 and 11, they launched  Global Talents Digital , the first international project to incorporate 3D modeling technology, and augmented reality into high-end fashion environments.

“Global Talents Digital is a digitized version of the Global Talents project, proposed by the Russian Fashion Association. Dozens of brands that appeared at Russia's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will participate. We will be able to livestream globally, from South Africa to Japan, from the US to Australia will be able to participate. ”

- Alexander Shumsky, President of Russian Fashion Association and Mercedes-Benz Russian Fashion Week -

Not just a livestream of fashion week. This project also lets virtual models "try on" to present costumes in the most interactive way. 50 fashion designers from 20 different countries will showcase the collection through video platforms, augmented reality technology and virtual models. Guests, when using a mobile phone, can activate virtual reality mode to watch virtual models perform in their bedrooms.

The stars included the virtual models Candice Klubb and Bambi from Klubb Visuals Agency (Australia), Kim Zulu from South Africa, Ivaany from France, and Aliona Pole from Russia. All of these virtual models are KOL, and have a loyal fan base on social networks.

Helping designers with the digital versions of their collections are eight famous 3D graphic designers who have collaborated with brands such as Nike, Dior, Givenchy, Versace, Disney, MTV, Coca-Cola


Source: vinatex.com.vn