Motivating employees

For many people, this bonus not only helps them to cover living expenses during Tet, but also a source of accumulation to improve their lives. With businesses (DN) doing well, it is natural to give Tet bonuses to employees to encourage them after 1 year of hard work; And for businesses with difficulties, the bonus level only has spiritual value.

According to the latest report of 25 localities and units under the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, the industries most affected by the current decrease in orders are wood processing, textiles, footwear, and some electronic and food enterprises. products, services, tourism… About 485 businesses with 631,329 employees were affected, mainly concentrated in the southern region. In which, up to 34,563 employees had their labor contracts terminated and hundreds of thousands of people had to reduce their working hours.

The picture of year-end employment in some of the above industries shows that calculating Tet bonuses for employees is a difficult problem for many businesses, especially labor-intensive enterprises. The persistent effects of the COVID-19 epidemic along with global economic fluctuations have pushed many businesses into a difficult position when orders are decreasing day by day. Many businesses have to reduce production and reduce labor.

For the majority of employees, besides the Tet bonus, keeping a job at this time is still the top desire. Recently, when announcing the reduction of nearly 1,200 employees due to no orders, Ty Hung Company Limited (Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City) committed to still give Tet bonuses to all those who lost their jobs. However, for these workers, now that they lose their jobs, it is considered as if there is no Tet this year...

Talking to us, most businesses said that they will try their best to make sure their employees have a full Tet. According to the director of a seafood processing company for export in Binh Chieu Industrial Park (Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City), this year, despite difficulties, the company still managed to give workers a Tet bonus of at least one month's basic salary. For him, the attention of the employer to the employees - a valuable capital of the enterprise - in the difficult context is meaningful to motivate and motivate them to make long-term dedication. It is also a solution to retain basic employees after a period of facing many difficulties due to the epidemic.

Accompanying businesses and employees, the Trade Union has soon implemented many practical care programs. In the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit in 2023, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor spent more than 500 billion VND to take care of union members - difficult workers. In Ho Chi Minh City - the locality that has had the largest number of job cuts in recent times, the Trade Union also spent more than 140 billion VND taking care of and supporting employees through programs such as: "Tet reunion" - Spring of gratitude", "Worker's family enjoys Tet with the city", "Spring train"...

The efforts of enterprises and trade unions at all levels have great motivation for employees in the context that the year is ending and Tet is coming.

Vĩnh Tùng